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Uses of Gold

Gold Is Forever


Gold, the king of metals with brilliant shiny glow color is the most useful and precious one among all other minerals mined from the Earth. Gold possesses both beauty and power and is always in high demand due to its monetary value and usefulness.

Gold for commerce


Gold has been the most stable and long-standing circulating medium of exchange, purchasing power, profit potential, and store of wealth for centuries. Nowadays, gold is being widely used for money, investing, banking, and trading. (1) Gold price isn’t tied to stocks and bonds (Which are volatile market environments). (2) Gold‘s low correlation to other assets provides more stability and security than other investment options. (3) Gold is so rare, highly valued, and admired. And gold retains its value. These are reasons why many investors buy physical gold or silver as long-term investments.

pile of gold jewelery


Gold has been used to make ornamental objects and jewelry for thousands of years. Its shiny color, luster, beautiful glitter, unique chattel, malleability, and resistance to tarnishing makes gold a perfect metal in the creation and use of jewelry. Gold has incredible malleability that it can be hammered into many sheets so thin that a pile of sheets in an inch high would contain 200,000+ separate sheets.

Gold for technology


Gold is a great conductor of electricity. Gold is present in almost all modern-day electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, desktops, tablets, calculators, digital clocks, and even GPS systems. A gold plating is used in connecter cables, electronic circuit boards, microprocessors, and memory chips. Gold components can also be found in large home appliances such as microwave ovens, washing machines, and TVs. Gold usage in the aerospace industry – U.S. Columbia space shuttle is fitted with gold-coated polyester film to help reflect infrared radiation (harmful rays) and stabilize internal core temperatures of the spaceship. Gold in Astronaut outfits do a similar process. As consumption of gold for use in electronics continues to increase, gold has become a rare metal in high demand in the manufacturing industry.

Gold for dentistry


Gold is a reliable, non-allergenic, non-reactive bio-compatible metal. And so, gold is used to make medical equipment, surgical equipment, life support devices, and pace-makers. Due to gold’s malleability and resistance to bacterial infections, it can be embedded inside a human body in the form of implants, stunts, gold beads, and rods in the process of surgery. Gold Nano-particles ringed by a charged polymer coating and an X-ray scatter imaging can help detect tiny cancer tumors undetected by ultrasound, MRI, and CT scanning. Nowadays, metal is being used to treat arthritis patients by using gold salts to reduce pain, swelling, and stiffness at bone joints.

Gold trophies


Gold‘s beautiful shiny color, admirable qualities, and rarity make it recognized as the highest status symbol in human society. Gold medals, trophies, crowns, and awards have become a logical choice to honor or appreciate those who won the highest distinguished achievement in a field or competition. Gold usually appears as a highly esteemed symbol in social, political, sports events, and religious ceremonies.

Five Reasons to Buy Physical Gold

5 Reasons You Should Invest in Gold

There are a few reasons why you should own gold, a tangible Asset. These reasons might help to convince you to make precious metals investment.

  1. Gold is a store of wealth, purchasing power.

    Gold steadily maintained its value since 1900, while paper-based money steadily lost its value in inflation.

  2. Gold is a hedge against inflation and economic downturn.

    Gold investors see their portfolio increase in value while stock markets always crash during the recession.

  3. Gold has a fixed supply and high demand.

    A rare element in the world and it can not be made by men.

  4. Gold carries no counter-party risks.

    Physical gold is a private tangible asset. Gold can not go broke or bankrupt.
    Gold is not vulnerable to manipulation or devaluation by the government or Central Bank.

  5. Gold retains its value so well while currency, stocks, and bonds decline.

    According to 100 years of historical data, the gold price trend is generally climbing upward in the long run.

Historical Gold Price

Historical Gold price chart - 45 years data


Invest in Gold


Gold can be purchased from precious metals dealers in the form of bars or coins. The American Eagle Gold coins are starting points for investors to own small amounts of gold. Investing in gold is the best option because gold retains its value so well while currency, stocks, and bonds decline. As when gold is universally accepted, it can be used to preserve your purchasing power from devaluing the dollar. It is time to protect your wealth or secure your retirement. You can start your precious metals investment from one of these investment options as follows:

  • You can purchase Gold or Silver directly with cash, in the form of a bar or coin from precious metals dealer


  • Transfer your existing traditional IRA or 401k retirement savings into Precious Metals IRA Account backed by physical gold and silver.
protect your wealth by investing in gold

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