Priority Gold´s Buy Back Policy

Are you looking to sell your gold, silver, platinum, or palladium? Are you curious about liquidation options? We are here to help!

At Priority Gold, our team makes it a priority to serve our clients in selecting the best precious metals product(s) for their needs. With us, you can choose from a wide variety of high-quality products. We understand the importance of taking your time to select a product and ensuring that every fine detail is addressed before making a purchase. We also understand that you may sometimes want to sell your product.

At Priority Gold, we make the process of liquidating your investment an easy one. No need to worry about finding a buyer, marketing your products, secondary trades, or anything like that. Get your money back with ease and confidence. No worries. No questioning. No applications and approvals. Thus, we are proud to introduce our Buy Back Policy!

How does our Buy Back Policy work? If you originally purchased a product from us, then you are automatically eligible to take part in this policy. If you want to divest a product, we simplify the liquidation process for you. Of course, depending on the (1) buy back avenue you choose, (2) the market conditions at that point in time, and (3) general consumer demand, the price offered could differ. While we cannot promise you a set price, we can promise you a market under one of our three buy back avenues.

Our Three Buy Back Avenues

With Priority Gold´s Buy Back Policy, we offer our clients three avenues to liquidation of part or all their investment portfolio:

1. Buy Back Avenue # 1: Sales on the Open Market

This avenue is good for those who want to be responsible for controlling the sales price of the product they are selling. Open market sales involve selling to the public at a price set by you either directly or by using online auction outlets that are available. While this may involve more time and effort on your part, engaging in an open market sale may give you a higher price compared to the other buy back avenues.

2. Buy Back Avenue # 2: Sales from Immediate Liquidation

With this second buy back avenue, we will buy back your metal at the current wholesale bid price. Your metal will be converted to cash or cash equivalents when we sell them directly to a national wholesaler. This is a good option for those that want or need an immediate liquidation of their products. This avenue is usually the best avenue for bullion products. This avenue is also available for Investment Grade Coins and Numismatic Coins but will usually provide a lower price to you than Avenue 1 or 3. If you want your buy back done quickly, this avenue is for you.

3. Buy Back Avenue # 3: Sales on Consignment

The Sales on Consignment avenue is good for those who do not need to complete an immediate liquidation of their investment and who want the option of a higher liquidation value. This avenue is available to Priority Gold clients for the Investment Grade and or Numismatic products that were bought from Priority Gold and have been held for 60 months or longer. This avenue is not available for bullion products, including but not limited to, bullion bars and rounds. We will price your product(s) according to current market price and use our consignment process. Priority Gold has a consignment fee of 18% to find and secure another buyer. If you are seeking a greater liquidation value and can wait for Priority Gold to sell your product, ask about our consignment sale process.
Do you want a buy back or need help facilitating a sale? Our team at Priority Gold is ready to help you with this. Questions? Comments? Ready to get started? Do not wait a second longer. Give us a call today! 888-976-7457