Where Can I Buy And Sell Gold Coins And Get A Fair Price?

Where Can I Buy And Sell Gold Coins And Get A Fair Price?

One of the great things about investing in gold is that it has high liquidity. This means that you are able to access your cash very quickly. Other investments, such as real estate, can take months or years before you see your money. If you are ready to sell some of your gold coins, it is important to understand some things before you make a deal. In addition, if you’re looking to buy gold coins, there are other things you need to keep in mind. Keep reading to learn more about precious metal prices and where to buy and sell gold coins and get a fair price.

Understanding Your Gold Coins

Before buying or selling your gold coins, it is important to know about current precious metal prices. When you’re about to sell your gold, you can check the current price of gold here, which will help you figure out a ballpark in pricing. In addition, if you know the specific name of your gold coins, you can do some online searches to see how much they have recently sold for.

In addition, the date, mintmark, and condition of your coins can help drive the value up or down when you’re ready to sell them. The rarity and desirability of your coins will also play a factor in how much you may be able to get for them. It requires a great deal of research to make sure you get the most out of your investment if you plan on selling them without using a trusted dealer.

Avoid Pawn Shops

Selling to a pawn shop or other jewelry store might be fast, easy, and convenient. It is a route many people take if they need their cash quickly. However, you will receive a very low price for your gold when selling to them. These shops do this by design so that they can make a large profit off of every sale. While you may get money quickly, you won’t get a good return on your investment.

Using a Trusted Dealer

The best way to get a fair price for your gold coins, whether you are buying or selling them, is to use a trusted dealer, such as Priority Gold. Unlike pawnshops, trusted dealers are experts in precious metals and precious metal prices. When selling yourself, you need to do a lot of research to make sure you get the best price possible. However, when using a trusted dealer, the expertise will take out all of the guesswork.

At Priority Gold, we help you buy and sell your gold with:

  • Our Business Culture of: “Taking Care of the People”
  • Excellent customer service provided with Honesty
  • Reasonable Pricing way under many competitors
  • 3 years Free Storage for qualifying Gold & Silver account
  • An easy Gold Buying process
  • Precious Metals Buy Back program offered

Gold can be purchased from precious metals dealers like us in the form of bars or coins. You can start your precious metals investment from one of these investment options as follows:

You can purchase Gold or Silver directly with cash, in the form of a bar or coin from precious metals dealer like Priority Gold.


Transfer your existing traditional IRA or 401k retirement savings into Precious Metals IRA Account backed by physical gold and silver.

Our precious metals specialists have expert knowledge of the products, current trends, and the processes necessary to transact a trade. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best available pricing and service so that they can choose the precious metals that are right for them.

Other Ways to Buy and Sell Gold

While using a trusted dealer is the best way to buy or sell your gold for the best price, other ways to buy or sell gold include:

  • Coin shows
  • Auctions
  • Online auction sites, such as eBay
  • Advertising your sales

About Priority Gold

Priority Gold is one of the most trusted precious metals dealers in the United States with BBB A+ Rating, AAA Rating with Business Consumer Alliance, and 5 Stars Rating with TrustLink. We make your gold buying and selling process simple and easy. If you are ready to cash out on your gold investment, or if you are just getting started and are ready to buy, we can help you. The great thing about investing in gold is it requires little-to-no expertise or knowledge, and we can help guide you on the right path.

We specialize in providing precious metals investment services with Security, Liability, and Great Convenience for customers. Our team is committed to helping to streamline their precious metals purchases at a fair price, selecting the right precious metals portfolios, and meeting their important financial objectives.

We offer Free Storage for qualifying Gold & Silver IRA accounts, a fast & easy gold buying process, and smooth IRA Transfer. Priority Gold guarantees the highest standards of customer service, which comes with honesty, professional conduct, and Ethical Code of Business.

We have a proven three-step simple setup process, in which we:

  1. Detail the best course of action for your long- and short-term goals.
  2. Help you roll over your existing 401(k) or IRA to fund a new Precious Metals IRA account.
  3. Work with you to identify the precious metals options and confirm the purchase you decide best to meet your goals.

For more information, visit us at prioritygold.com

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