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Sets and Date Runs: How They Improve Gold's Value

When you begin investing in gold, you will start to see all the different avenues you can take. There are so many ways to invest in gold—whether it is through a Gold Roth IRA, purchasing gold bars, bullion, or coins—and so many ways to earn more value through each. One of these ways is by looking into sets and date runs with your gold coin collection. Depending on the set and date run, you can increase the value of your investment. Keep reading to learn more about sets and date runs, how they improve gold’s value, and how to start investing in gold today.

What Does a “Set” Mean for Gold Coins?

A set consists of all denominations from one year of issue in the same high grade, according to the US Money Reserve. For example, a Gold American Eagle Set comprises all four certified denominations from the same year (1986 to current) and features a timeless design by legendary sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. A Gold American Eagle Set (single year) represents the building block for a full Gold American Eagle Date Run (all years).

Gold American Eagles are important when it comes to coin collecting and investing. According to the Smithsonian, the 1933 “Double Eagle” became the world’s most valuable coin by selling for $18.9 million. The Double Eagle coin was the last gold currency struck in the United States, and the coin’s value stems from its status as the only legally privately owned 1933 Double Eagle known to survive today. Since it is the only one in existence, its value is tremendous compared to any other gold coin, even though they are made of all the same things.

What is a Date Run?

A date run consists of all denominations from every year of issue in the same high grade, also according to the US Money Reserve. A Gold American Eagle Date Run in a high grade is based upon only a small fraction of a coin’s total mintage, contributing to its rarity. For example, less than two percent of all of the $25 Gold American Eagles ever minted in 1990 carry the highly-desirable PCGS grade of PR-70. This is why a minimal amount of PCGS-graded PR-70 Gold American Eagle Date Runs exist in the entire world today.

The Rarest Date Run

  • The Gold American Eagle Date Run is one of the rarest achievements in gold ownership and can be worth tens of thousands of dollars depending on many different factors.
  • Only 60 PCGS-Certified Proof 70 Gold American Eagle Date Runs exist globally, making it an exceptionally sought-after date run. This drives its value up tremendously, adding to your investment’s overall bottom line.
  • There are only 584 full PCGS-Certified Proof 69 Gold American Eagle Date Runs available to own, making them very valuable.

How to Invest in Gold Sets and Date Runs

Not all gold coins are created equal; some are more valuable than others. It’s very similar to collecting anything else—some baseball cards, stamps, or art pieces are worth more than others. Once you start getting into the hobby of gold collecting and investing, you’ll begin to see the many different ways you can gain potential value.

When it comes to gold sets and date runs, it’s all about simple supply and demand. A low quantity of them allows for a high potential value. The fewer of them there are, the higher the demand is. If you can add to your coin collection’s value by focusing on date runs and sets, you can look forward to a great return on your investment.

For example, also according to the US Money Reserve, a Gold American Eagle set Proof 69 or museum-quality Proof 70 condition is challenging. It involves finding coins minted the same year, at the same U.S. Mint, and graded in the same condition by PCGS. Finding all four coins is a challenge that can take months or years to find. You will need the $5 one-tenth ounce, the $10 one-quarter ounce, the $25 one-half ounce, and the $50 full ounce—for just one set. On top of that, you’ll need 29 sets to make a complete date run. However, many individuals enjoy the hunt and make a hobby out of it.

Working with Priority Gold

Whether you’re interested in the very valuable hobby of gold coin collecting, or you’d rather roll over your IRA as your gold investment, we are here to help you. No matter your financial goals, how experienced an investor you are, or how little you know about gold, we are ready to work with you.

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