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When You’re Ready to Sell Any Of Your Precious Metals, Priority Gold is Ready to Assist You!

Priority Gold is devoted to offering our clients access to the best precious metals products available in the market, including bullion bars and coins, raw proof coins, Investment Grade modern coins, and pre-1933 Investment Grade rare coins. We offer a plethora of advice and will help select the top-performing products that will work to secure your portfolio and protect your wealth. At Priority Gold we believe that an important consideration for any investment is liquidity- when you are ready to cash out your investment, how easy will it be? Fortunately, you will never have to worry about liquidity since history proves that there has always been a liquid market for gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Our clients receive assurance in the security of their investment by providing multiple options. For those wishing to sell any portion of their portfolio or pursuing to divest their entire portfolio.

Buy or Sell Precious Metals With Confidence

Any precious metal products that we sold to you, we can simply buy back or facilitate a sale of your metals on your behalf (See your 3 options below.) At least one of our Buy Back options is offered on any product at any time and for any reason, as long as you originally purchased it from Priority Gold. No questions asked. Payments are generally available to you within 72 hours of the sale of your products. Payment for your products can be made to you directly via check. The process is painless, secure, and fast.

Open Market, Consignment & Immediate Liquidation Options

1. Open Market Sale

Accomplish the highest Open Market Price by selling your portfolio yourself. You will control the price at which you’re willing to sell, independently deciding what is right for you. This option has the potential of providing the highest maximum selling price. However, it will require additional energy and time on your part. Several online auction outlets are available, but you must account for the fees associated with using their services. Also, be prepared to dedicate the time needed to facilitate the transaction. There will be no minimum hold required.

2. Consignment Sale

Let Priority Gold sell it for you, we will move your product(s) to the front of the line and sell it to the market through our active trading floor. This option prices your portfolio based on our current market ask price, less 15%, which covers all marketing, transactional, shipping, and insurance costs related to selling your item(s) to a new buyer. (You are responsible for the shipping and insurance fees required to deliver the metals to our facility, we will cover the rest from there) This option is ideal for those seeking a reasonable value and who have the time, allowing us to sell their portfolio item(s) for them, without allocating personal time to sell on their own. This service is offered exclusively to Priority Gold clients who have held their investment for a minimum of 60 months from the original date of sale. This service is not offered unless you purchased the portfolio item(s) from us originally.

3. Immediate Liquidation Sale

This option is ideal for bullion metals, but also offers immediate liquidity for investment-grade and numismatic coins. We will Buy Back your metals at our current bid price! If you want to sell quickly, this option is available to expedite your requirement for immediate liquidity with zero fees or charges from us. (You are responsible for the shipping and insurance fees required to deliver your metals to our facility). Bullion metal products are predominantly sold under this option because the price we typically offer for immediate liquidation of bullion is the same price you could achieve under options 1 and 2 above, before fees. This option is also available for Investment Grade Coins and numismatic coins, but will usually yield a lower price than options 1 and 2 above. There is no minimum hold required.

With this, we will provide you privileged access to our active trading floor (Option #2), or agree to Buy Back any coin or bullion product that we sell, at the current bid price (Option #3). Option #3 has no minimum hold time and is available at any time, for any reason. No questions asked.

Further, all transactions are protected by our standard Terms & Conditions.

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