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Is Investing in Physical Gold the Best Way?

Is Investing in Physical Gold the Best Way?

Is Investing in Physical Gold the Best Way?

Ready to jump into the market and invest in gold? There are so many ways you can invest in gold, and one of the more fun and enjoyable ways can be investing in physical gold. Depending on your investment goals, lifestyle, budget, retirement goals, and more, it may be the best way to invest in gold. Keep reading to discover whether you should invest in physical gold and start your collection or consider a different way.

Investing in Physical Gold

Gold is known to be a safe investment. The value rises as the value of the dollar decreases, it hedges you against inflation, and protects your retirement savings, among other benefits. While there are many ways to invest in gold, one of the most satisfying ways is by investing in physical gold. This means purchasing real gold, owning it tangibly, and storing it until you are ready to sell it. Some ways you can invest in physical gold include:

  • Gold bars
  • Gold bullion
  • Gold ingots
  • Gold jewelry
  • Gold coins

When to Buy

According to Investopedia, investors should be aware of gold’s spot price when browsing the bullion market. Finance websites that display stock tickers usually display the daily price of gold. Gold is fairly easy to buy, but prices vary greatly as sellers include their desired profit margin plus additional costs such as authentication certificates, shipping and handling, and payment processing fees. A price comparison, including the different sellers’ charges, is key to getting the best price on gold bars.

How to Store Physical Gold

Determining the best gold storage option involves weighing risks against costs, according to InvestingNews. Paying for secure storage eats into profits from the metal’s gains, so some people choose to store their gold at home or in their office. In theory, that is the riskiest option as it involves the highest potential for loss due to theft or disaster. But in many instances, these risks are not substantial enough to justify the cost of other storage options.

To stave off security risks, the metal can be stored in a depository or safe deposit box. Investors who do so should note that rates vary, so bargain hunting can pay off. Another aspect to consider is that some banks do not technically permit the storage of bullion, and this is listed in the terms and agreements that customers are required to sign. Also, not all security boxes are insured, so that is another factor to consider when selecting a banking institution for a safety deposit box.

Other Ways to Invest in Gold

  • Gold stocks. This is equity ownership in a publicly traded gold mining, streaming, or royalty company. You can possibly earn dividend income on top of everything, but they can also underperform the price of gold.
  • Gold ETFs and mutual funds. These are Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds that own physical gold bullion or shares of gold mining stocks that are highly liquid (sell ASAP when you need the cash!)
  • Gold certificates. These certificates prove that you own gold without actually having to have it in your possession physically.
  • Gold futures and options. These are derivative contracts that provide exposure to the price of gold. While this is the riskiest way to invest in gold, you don’t need to physically own it while enjoying the benefits of the price of gold.
  • Precious Metals IRA. Another way you can invest in gold is through a precious metals IRA account. By rolling over your IRA, 401(k), 403, TSP, or 457 Plan into our Precious Metal IRA Account, you can achieve the same profits that you would gain by purchasing gold or silver directly while also enjoying the benefits that your retirement account provides. We have a proven four-step process that makes it easy to open a precious metals IRA, and we guarantee you the highest caliber customer service. Our IRA specialists will answer all of your questions, work with your current custodians to ensure a seamless transition, provide you a free metal evaluation, and continually help you to review your portfolio.

Investing in Physical Gold with Priority Gold

If you are ready to invest in gold to protect your savings and secure your future, we can help. Priority Gold is one of the most trusted precious metals dealers in the United States with BBB A+ Rating, AAA Rating with Business Consumer Alliance, and 5 Stars Rating with TrustLink.

We specialize in providing precious metals investment services with Security, Liability, and Great Convenience for customers. Our team is committed to helping to streamline their precious metals purchases at a fair price, selecting the right precious metals portfolios, and meeting their important financial objectives.

We offer Free Storage for qualifying Gold & Silver IRA accounts, a fast & easy gold buying process, and smooth IRA Transfer. And gold shows up on schedule. Priority Gold guarantees the highest standards of customer service, which comes with honesty, professional conduct, and Ethical Code of Business.

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