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Buying a Precious Metals IRA: Where to Start

Buying a Precious Metals IRA: Where to Start

Want a Precious Metals IRA? Here’s Where to Start

There is a lot going on in the world, including inflation, a looming recession, rising interest rates, and much more. With so much economic uncertainty happening, the one thing you can count on for your financial future is gold. One of the main benefits of gold is that its value rises as the value of the dollar decreases. This makes investing in a precious metals IRA very desirable and is a great way to secure your retirement. Keep reading to learn more about what a precious metals IRA is and how to get started with one as soon as today.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

According to Forbes, a precious metal IRA is a special form of self-directed individual retirement account. Self-directed IRAs allow you to invest in a broad variety of unconventional assets, including precious metals, real estate and even cryptocurrency. These are beyond the usual options available in a conventional IRA, though they have virtually identical traits outside of this, including the same contribution limits.

According to Kelli Click, president of the STRATA Trust Company—a self-directed IRA custodian that specializes in gold and other metals—precious metal IRAs are an avenue some people use as part of their retirement plan because gold, silver and palladium have historically grown in value over the very long term.

“Adding gold or precious metals to your retirement account may help protect your wealth in several ways, including reducing your potential investment volatility and risk, serving as a hedge in the event of an economic downtown and providing a tax-efficient shelter for potential gains,” she says.

What Are Some Precious Metals IRA Rules?

You can’t invest in just anything for your precious metals IRA. The IRS has clear guidelines for precious metals IRA and what can be put in them. The guidelines include:

  1. Gold: American Eagle coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Australian Kangaroo coins, gold bars and rounds that are 99.5% pure.
  2. Silver: American Eagle coins, Australian Kookaburra coins, Chinese Panda coins, silver bars and rounds that are 99.9% pure.
  3. Platinum: American Eagle coins, Australian Koala coins, Isle of Man Noble coins, platinum bars and rounds that are 99.95% pure.
  4. Palladium: Canadian Maple Leaf coins, bars or rounds that are 99.95% pure.

There are also rules on how to store your precious metals. You cannot store them in your home or anyone else’s home. When you invest in physical gold for your IRA, your gold will be held by a financial institution (such as a bank) or an IRS-approved depository. When you work with a custodian, such as Priority Gold, we can help facilitate your gold purchase and find you a depository to keep your gold in.

What Do I Need to Start a Precious Metals IRA?

One of the easiest ways you can get a precious metals IRA is by working with a company such as Priority Gold. We have a proven four-step process that makes it easy to open a precious metals IRA, and we guarantee you the highest caliber customer service. Our IRA specialists will answer all of your questions, work with your current custodians to ensure a seamless transition, provide you with a free metal evaluation, and continually help you to review your portfolio.

Our four-step process includes:

  1. Account Holder Information
  2. Beneficiary Designation
  3. Source of Funds
  4. Transfer Instructions

By rolling over your IRA, 401(k), 403, TSP, or 457 Plan into our Precious Metal IRA Account, you can achieve the same profits that you would gain by purchasing gold or silver directly while also enjoying the benefits that your retirement account provides. Priority Gold is proud to partner with Preferred Trust Company to provide custodial and administrative services for your IRA-owned precious metals investments.

Founded in 2007 and located in Las Vegas, NV, Preferred Trust Company is a licensed Retail Trust Company specializing in self-directed IRAs. The Preferred Trust team is dedicated to providing personalized service to each account owner, and the staff is cross-trained and works as one unit to provide fast and efficient responses to all your investment needs. As a financial institution, they abide by IRS rules and regulations and the guidelines set forth by the State of Nevada Financial Institutions Division. We look forward to working with the Preferred Trust Company to facilitate your retirement account investment goals.

Get a Precious Metals IRA with Priority Gold

If you are ready to invest in gold to protect your savings and secure your future, we can help. Priority Gold is one of the most trusted precious metals dealers in the United States with BBB A+ Rating, AAA Rating with Business Consumer Alliance, and 5 Stars Rating with TrustLink.

We specialize in providing precious metals investment services with Security, Liability, and Great Convenience for customers. Our team is committed to helping to streamline their precious metals purchases at a fair price, selecting the right precious metals portfolios, and meeting their important financial objectives.

We offer Free Storage for qualifying Gold & Silver IRA accounts, a fast & easy gold buying process, and smooth IRA Transfer. And gold shows up on schedule. Priority Gold guarantees the highest standards of customer service, which comes with honesty, professional conduct, and Ethical Code of Business.

For more information, visit us at

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